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Imagine you’ve grown the dankest, loudest strain of marijuana ever when an electrical fault suddenly sends your whole grow house up in smoke. Or perhaps your dispensary is broken into and you have thousands of dollars’ worth of loss and damage to your dispensary.

There are many different types of risks associated with any sort of business, but especially when you operate a business in the cannabis industry. At Stoners Insurance, we offer seven different types of coverage that are specifically designed to protect your business from theft, fire, vandalism and other risks your weed business is susceptible to. Keep rolling to learn more about the most common types of coverage we offer for cannabis businesses.

Growing marijuana. Perhaps the most important part of your business, right? Protecting those little baby buds is crucial to keep your business growing like a weed. With cultivator insurance from Stoners, not only can your crop be protected, but we can also help you protect your buildings and equipment.

If your product is tainted (however unlikely that may be), there’s a chance that your business could be sued. The point is, if you’re cultivating marijuana, you need an insurance policy to protect your quality bud and everything that goes into growing it. With our comprehensive cultivation policies, we can safeguard your business for years to come.

Dispensaries are the front-of-house to your operations. They are the face of your business. However, because you are a dispensary owner, you face a lot of risks – any of which threaten to put you out of business.

The property that you own, and the inventory in your property, is always at risk for fire, theft, vandalism – you name it. A risk could come in the form of a lawsuit as well. Maybe someone was injured while using one of your products, or someone alleges negligence on your part; there could be hefty defense and settlement costs to be paid out. Dispensary insurance from Stoners can protect your business, no matter what unique situation you have. Let us create a custom insurance program for your cannabis business.

Are you making products for the cannabis industry like oil, beauty products or beverages? Chances are you need unique coverage for the unique risks your business undertakes. It shouldn’t be surprising that your inventory and your equipment are your biggest assets and need to be protected to ensure the survival of your company.

It sounds obvious, but your cannabis products are consumed directly by your customers. If bodily injury or sickness results from consuming or using your product, you could be in a sticky situation…and not the good kind. Choose manufacturers’ insurance coverage from Stoners Insurance for coverage that will leave you high on success.

No matter how low a profile you keep your transport, there’s always the possibility that you’ll lose your product or money while in transit. Not only that, there’s a risk that your vehicle could sustain damage due to theft, vandalism or fire.

If you’re transporting money and valuable product from one location to another, you face a unique risk because you’re taking other companies’ money and property into your possession. Work with Stoners Insurance for an armored car policy that is specifically crafted to your business needs.

Renting out your property is usually pretty straightforward. Find a quality tenant, sign a lease, tenant moves in and you get paid. Win – win, right?

Things get a little more complicated if you decide to rent your property out to someone who’s using it for a cannabis-related business. Most insurance companies don’t have the expertise or knowledge to create a custom policy for this type of situation. Contact us at Stoners so we can create a bespoke policy that will protect your assets.

Nobody wants to consume cannabis products that are potentially cut or contaminated with something foreign. If you own a testing lab, then your clients rely on you to let them know that their products are of a certain quality and safe for use.

If products are not being properly tested due to faults at your lab (and then result in bodily injury or illness) you could be on the hook. Your lab has to maintain a certain standard in order to safeguard your business. Stoners Insurance can provide your lab with a tailor-made insurance policy that will protect you, so you can concentrate on the important things.

Does your business want to invest in the cannabis industry? Way to go! However, you may want to consider getting insurance to help cover you. If you don’t, your company could get involved in a costly lawsuit.

For example, if funds from your company weren’t handled properly or allocated incorrectly, the officers and the entity who made the decisions to invest could be litigated against. Avoid time consuming and costly legal battles with an investment insurance policy from Stoners Insurance.